Welcome to the World of Ass Down Face Up: A.D.F.U

This couldn’t come at a better time. For over a year I have talked about wanting to create this blog and today is the day.  Public bathrooms have been one of my biggest problems since I can remember.  I have been so use to the clean (Clorox Bleach) bathroom at home that somehow the restrooms that are less than clean that we  [the public] are forced to use MUST BE CALLED OUT!  Ass Down Face Up [A.D.F.U] is here to do just that.  Maybe through viral plague I [and the army that supports me] will convince the various owners of restaurants, clubs, coffee shops, grocery stores, gas stations, and the list goes on to respect those who spend money at the various facilities.  In the meantime I will just enjoy bringing attention to a nasty situation. Please feel free to join me in my crusade.  Send your locations, pictures, and comments and I will gladly post them.

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